Excerpts from: http://home.earthlink.net/~thogmi/undies/undies.html

Fanatic Mormons, male and female wear long underwear, with Masonic pagan "good luck " symbols on them, the square, the Compass, and the Rule.

These are garments of the their Holy Priesthood, and called Magic Undies at the washing and anointing ceremonies in the LDS temple ceremony.

The patron is assisted in putting on the "Garment of the Holy Priesthood" this garment closely resembled a pair of long underwear and was only available in a one-piece style.

Today, however; some temple Mormons choose to wear a modified two-piece version.

Unique to this garment are markings sewn into them which are similar to those used in Freemasonry, over the right breast is a buttonhole which resembles a "square" (looks like a backward L); over the left breast is a "compass" (resembling a capital V), sewn into the abdomen and knee area is another marking which looks like an ordinary button-hole.

During their pre-endowment instructions, participants are told that if they are true and faithful to the covenants they will make in the ceremony, their "Garment of the Holy Priesthood will be a shield, and a protection against the power of the destroyer until they have finished your work here on earth".

Temple Mormons are also told that this garment must be worn throughout their lives, and represents the garment given to Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Stories of the sacred garment offering protection have long been a part of Mormon folklore if true, it would seem that wearing their garments would be the soldier's best friend against harm during war.

Yet, the LDS Church provides no proof that garment-wearing soldiers escaped death or injury during wartime conflict.

Are we to believe that garment-wearing Mormons are never injured or killed in traffic accidents?

Of course the Mormon can always claim that an injury "could have been worse" or that death was allowed because "there work on earth was done" Such answers, however, provide no environment to actually prove if the garments played any role whatsoever.

While the Bible tells the believer to have his "loins girt about with truth" and to put on the "breastplate of righteousness," such metaphorical language never implies Christians are to place their trust in actual physical objects. How about you, Mormon Mom, Dad and teenager, do you have on your magic undies?

Mormons must wear their magic underwear until death.

To take it off, for even a second, will send them to hell-fire, No underwear, no Heaven.

To find out more of the Mormon cult, and the dozens of false prophesies given by J. Smith read "One nation under gods," "A history of the Mormon Church" by Richard Abanes.

MAT 24:31 God's Angels one day will blow trumpets and gather the real Saints from the jaws of death, and they won't be wearing magic undies.

Mormon underwear is like a rabbit's foot used for good luck, but not so lucky for the rabbit.

Talk about believing a lie and being damned.

The Mormon religion is much like the Masons, who receive a "Magic Apron" made of lambskin for their entrance into "Gods presence".

To Mormons, Masons, and other cults, trying to enter glory, with a covering other than the blood of Christ Jesus, you will burn forever.

Even if they do not go to their church, they must lie and tell people they are Mormons.

Much like those in the pagan Catholic Church do.

The Mormon women's auxiliaries, are to keep women attached to the church with good feelings, so they address each other as sister.

Older Mormon women must keep young women, by giving them baby showers when pregnant.

Only the observing Mormons are allowed to enter their temples.

Other Mormons are considered unclean.

Mormons teach that, "It may take a whole lifetime to become god-like enough to enter one of the temples".

By their own teachings most Mormons will burn in hell-fire.

Mormons have forty or more cult temples throughout the world.

Mormons, before 1978, would not allow blacks into their church.

Today Mormons only tolerate blacks.

God and his Son Christ Jesus are no respect of persons.

Mormons started a missionary movement for their young men.

Mormon young men must serve two years, teaching the Joseph Smith error door to door, or be expelled from their church and go to hell.

Mormons must obey their elders, and blindly believe their interpretation of the Mormon bible or go to hell.

This is like the J.W.s with their Watchtower teaching; they are both the same religion with different names.






Revealing the Spiritual duality of the Bible, for it serves neither God nor truth to try and rationalize irrational things the Bible has said of God.