The Test of Fire

A brief testimony of Wayne Lamar Harrington

The Vision

Long ago, as I stood upon the deck of a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico, a multitude of heavenly witnesses appeared in the clouds. In this multitude of heavenly witnesses there were two great ones, whom I knew, Moses and John the Baptist. The two great ones pointed in a direction that I should look, and when I looked in the direction that they were pointing I saw a darker cloud, purplish in color and Satan stood within it. Although the awesomeness of Satan's appearance is unspeakable, I was not fearful of him, for the two great ones held power over him. When I say that I knew the two great ones, I do not know how or why I knew them, only that I did know them.

In the vision Satan stood before me wearing the masks of men. And he began ripping the masks slowly from his face, letting them fall away to reveal another, one after another, faster and faster until the pace became so furious that the masks became an unrecognizable blur. In the beginning I recognized the mask of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Ze Dong, but others I did not recognize; many were wearing crowns. And it was clear to me that the servants of Satan are many, for he was wearing an uncountable number of masks.

No words were spoken during the vision, yet I understood perfectly what I was expected to understand. In the vision I was shown things that did occur years later; and shown things that to this day I do not understand. I saw symbols similar to what is called a peace symbol. They began dropping downward, shakily and on their sides, and then they would proceed like a missile towards hills, and as they approached the hills crosses began springing upon them.

The sun was transformed into a bejeweled being wearing royal robes and claiming to be Christ. Although his appearance was hideous, I nonetheless assumed it was Jesus. This being desired that I should make a sacrifice of myself to him. Believing it was Christ, I obediently jumped over-board and sought to drown myself, but I could not. Not able to drown myself, I crawled back onto the deck confused and ashamed of having failed. As I stood on the deck in a state of confusion, I was caused to pass through "The Test of Fire." I was told to trust God and stare directly into the sun, that if I trusted God no harm could come to me. I did as I was told and stared directly into sun. While staring into the sun, I could feel the fluid in my eyes and mouth began to sizzle and boil and could see smoke billowing out from my mouth and eye sockets. All the while there were terrifying things going about me, touching me, trying to tempt me to turn away form staring into the sun. Yet I did not turn away from staring into the sun, for I had been given complete trust in God. After all these things were done something most holy-holy occurred around about me, I felt its presence, yet I was not permitted to see it, for I was commanded not to open my eyes.

In part, this occurred in the early seventies, when I was working offshore from Louisiana in the oil fields of the Gulf of Mexico. No one needs to explain to me why what I'm saying of the vision sounds like utter madness, but if there is truth in what I have written concerning Galatians and Acts, let that be a touchstone. For it was from the vision and certain other Spiritual things that I was led to know that the fearsome wrathful one the Bible claims is God, is not God!

When I was a young man I was an atheist. In my mid-twenties I was agnostic, leaning in the direction of wanting to believe there is a God. After the vision I no longer questioned the existence of God or the super natural. I naturally assumed after the vision that I was to have an unquestioning faith in what the Bible claims and attend a church. These assumptions were not based upon any thing that occurred in the vision, but were due to my religious heritage. When I was a small child my mother taught my brother and I to believe in God, that the Bible is His word, and she took us to church with her.

Shortly after the vision occurred, I returned to the home of my family in Orlando, Florida and started attending the Miller Memorial Baptist Church, a church that my mother and sister were attending. Even though it was a Southern Baptist church, it was Charismatic, having its own so-called prophet and a gaggle of women that babbled gibberish in an unknown tongue. The lunacy in this church was pitifully obvious, and it brought this church to ruin; nevertheless I was blessed by its existence, for this is where I met my wife, Linda Montgomery.

I do not mention my wife simply out of courtesy. Our marriage was predestined. I had seen her in the vision and was shown the reason for her unhappy childhood. Much of what I believe of God has come through my marriage to her and in knowing her. This April 2005, we will have been married for more than thirty years and we have had six children together.

When I was thirty I was baptized. In all matters of the Christian faith, what I did was in truth before God. I can be rightly accused of having done many wrongs in my life, but no one who knows me can rightly accuse me of being a liar, nor am I so stupid as to think that I can deceive God. When I said I was a sinner, I truthfully meant it. When I asked to be forgiven of my sins and that Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, I truthfully meant that as well. Without reservations I jumped through every hoop that Christianity set before me. Even though I had read the Bible before becoming a Christian, I put aside the doubts that I had had in its claims and determined within myself to literally believe without question whatever it claimed without any exceptions. In other words I became a Bible-Thumping "born-again" Christian. During my time in the bedlam of the Charismatic movement, I was spared the "blessings" of babbling like an idiot in an unknown tongue and of being slain in the spirit. Truthfulness before God works!

It's not in my nature to be lukewarm about anything and I was naturally drawn to the Fundamentalist's point of view regarding the Bible. I'm still more respectful of their denominations, than those social club denominations that claim to believe what the Bible claims, but compromise what it claims for the sake of gain. But regardless of the denomination, I was never truly comfortable in any church. It is no mystery to me as to why most men are uncomfortable in the environment of a church, for their paddy-cake and effeminate environment are not compatible for the masculine mind. Yet because I believed it was required of me to go to church, I wandered through the denominational swamp for many years.

Regardless of my being dissatisfied with attending church, I continued to believe that the Bible was infallible and on many occasions I intensely defended that belief. For I believed that whatever faults might exist had to be due to the faulty interpretations of the Scriptures, rather than with the Scriptures themselves. Eventually out of my frustration with attending the churches, I finally drifted away from them altogether, but not from studying the Bible.

Years later, after having left the churches in frustration, a spiritual encounter with the words in Galatians occurred. I was lying on my bed when a trance came over me. In a trance I was caused to get up and go to the Bible that was on my dresser. I do not know if I opened it to Galatians or if it was spiritually opened to Galatians, but as I was staring at the words in Galatians they became alive, breathing, moving to and fro. And as they moved to and fro they began rearranging themselves into a new order and began speaking to me. As the Spirit was upon me, I perfectly understood what the words said to me; yet when the Spirit was lifted, my understanding was as a man's, in part. But of this I am certain, these words were Spiritually spoken three times:

"This is The House of Bondage. This is The Land of Egypt. Feed my Sheep! Trust God! Praise God!"

I did not understand why it was said: "THIS - is the house of bondage." "THIS - is the land of Egypt." Common sense told me that these terms were not in reference to me, after all, would God tell one in bondage himself to feed the sheep? Certainly not! And isn't this nation the most Christian nation of them all? Where in this land of the religious is there a need for another church? Are not our churches as numerous as the stars in the night sky? And who in this land has not heard the preaching of the preachers? One would have to live beneath a rock to have not heard their preaching, for they are like a plague upon the land.

I believed that God had commanded me to feed his sheep, but knew that I had nothing to say. After all, if what the preachers are preaching is the truth, why would God need to add another preacher to the horde that already existed to preach what only the most dimwitted has not heard or understood? For many years I remained ignorant of the spiritual meaning of the terms: house of bondage and land of Egypt. My understanding of those terms began one evening when my wife and I were playing a game called "Bible Trivia." She asked me to name the prophet that had cursed some small boys in the name of God, causing them to be mauled by a bear. Although I had read that absurdity in the Bible long ago, I had forgotten it, and I said to her that I didn't think the Bible says God would honor such an absurd thing. Proven wrong, I began to question why I had not given this Biblical claim any serious thought when I had previously read it? For the very first time my faith in the Bible's inerrancy troubled me, in that what I was being required to believe of God without question now seemed to be primitively crude.

It was not long after this that I happened upon a contradiction between the accounts of Acts 9:7 and Acts 22:9. The non-religious might think that such a seemly insignificant contradiction is not important, but to me it was, for I believed the Bible was without flaw or fault, so it staggered me. Yet wanting to remain faithful to my belief in what the Bible claims, I rationalized that contradiction away by convincing myself that it had to be due to a misinterpretation.

Around this same period of time I was attending Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. My major wasn't in religion and it is probably evident that it wasn't in writing either. Like any good Fundamentalist, I was convinced that studying religion in a secular institution is the devil's workshop. Yet my curiosity got the best of me and I took several courses about the Bible to serve as my electives. In those courses I was made aware of some disturbing things about the Bible, but more importantly it was a casual statement that a professor made about Paul that set me on the path of discovering the spiritual meaning behind the terms: house of bondage and land of Egypt. This professor said Paul was a hypocrite who compromised his gospel by requiring the Gentiles to observe certain dietary laws of a synagogue. His statement jogged my memory of what had been spiritually spoken to me through the words in Galatians, for they had revolved around similar things.

Intuitively I knew Paul hadn't compromised his gospel and started searching for the source that would cause one to believe that he did. It was in Acts that I found the reason of this false claim. In columns, side by side (periscopes), I wrote what Paul is saying about certain events recorded in Galatians and in another column I wrote what Acts is saying about the very same events. When I compared the two accounts together, it was self-evident that Acts is contradicting virtually everything that Paul swears before God is the truth.

In August of 1991, I began to write about the contradictions between Galatians and Acts, as well as other Biblical faults, and I started posting this information on Christian Internet sites. I do this to be in obedience to what I believe God has commanded of me, and so that those who are ignorant of theses things, as I once was, will be aware of them. It is naive to think that only in the Middle East is religious insanity being sown through faith in words of men that are declared to be God's. Not a day goes by that someone in this nation doesn't suffer greatly because of this same false claim made of the Bible. My wife's testimony is an example of this truth, see: A Childlike Faith.

Over the years I have posted my messages to more than a thousand Christian Internet sites in their forums and on their message boards. In doing this I've debated many times with the religious at these sites. It is in doing this that it has been made evident to me that the religiousness of a Christian is directly proportional to their integrity, for the more religious one is, the more intellectually dishonest they are. For when it comes to their being truthful with obvious Biblical faults, their lack of integrity can be likened to that phony that argued, "It all depends on what the meaning of is, is?"

Nevertheless my message is not intended for religious goats, but is for the sheep; thus, I will continue posting my messages to Christian sites. For their blind guides, who preach that perversions like 1 Samuel 15:2-3 speaks truthfully of God, are not called of God, but are deluded and self-called at best. Yet, am I so vain or so foolish as to think that all that I say or believe is faultless? Certainly not! For our knowledge of God is evolving according to the plan of God.

Wayne Lamar Harrington

November, 2005

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