The Romanized Christ

The dogma of Christianity doesn't just rest upon flawed and contradicting Gospels, but is completely dependent upon the credibility of Genesis and its fabricated interpretation of the "curse" in Genesis. For it does falsely claim that all of humanity has been sold into sin through the "curse" in Genesis. That everyone must accept its Jewish savior as Lord and Savior, or else its Romanized Christ will cast them that reject him into the endless fires of a burning hell to suffer unspeakable eternal torment. With a savior like this, does one really need a devil to fear?

The Spiritual Duality of the Bible

That wrathful one of the ancient Israelites is not God, but is a war-god of conquest and plunder. A fearsome deity that commands the Hebrews to butcher the people they conquer, including slaughtering the defenseless, women, children and infants. It is a fastidious deity that will concern itself with petty things like the nip-picky details of how a man's beard is to be shorn, yet does not concern itself with injustices such as slavery and the oppression of women. But is the endorser of these injustices, giving guidance to the proper etiquette of slave ownership and the oppression of women. It is a deity of circumstance and expediency that evolves from one generation to another. For it is this same lover of bloody sacrifices and butcher of babies that will evolve into Christianity's so-called "benevolent" one, whose false god still clings to its endorsement of slavery and the oppression of women. With a god like this, does one really need a devil to fear?

Galatians versus Acts

I believe that by making the contradictions between Galatians and Acts known to the unsuspecting, some will see that faith in God and faith in the Bible is not one and the same. And to thereby learn that although there may be certain truths in the Bible, it is by no means the "Word of God".

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When considering the scenarios that try to explain the creation, there are two choices: The creation is due to an intelligent designer, a Creator; or that matter itself is the eternal. Although neither scenario can be proven, only one of these two seemingly impossible scenarios is possible. Even though the account of creation in Genesis is but primitive mumbo-jumbo, it is equally naive to think lifeless matter created itself.

The Test of Fire

A brief testimony of Wayne Lamar Harrington

Examples of Biblical contradictions and absurdities

Examples from the Old Testament: The Land of Spiritual Egypt

Examples from the Gospels: Abrahamic House of Bondage


Revealing the Spiritual duality of the Bible. For it serves neither God nor truth to try and rationalize irrational things the Bible has said of God.

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