It serves neither God nor truth to try and rationalize irrational things the Bible has said of God:

1 Samuel 15:2-3 Thus says the Lord of hosts,.. (3),...kill both man and woman, child and infant,...!

The Writings of Wayne Lamar Harrington

A former Bible-Thumping Fundamentalist, whose faith was caused not to be in what men have said of God, but in God alone.

A Childlike Faith: The Testimony of Wayne's Wife

An account of my wife's sexually abused childhood and how it effected her beliefs of God.

The Writings of Joseph Wheless

The complete editions of: 'Is it God's Word?' & 'Forgery in Christianity'. And excerpts from 'Is it God's Word?'

Items of Religious Interest

The writings of others concerned with religious beliefs and the complete edition of 'The Christ' by John E. Remsberg.

Free Zip Files

Complete edition of: 'Is it God's Word?' & 'Forgery in Christianity' by Joseph Wheless and 'The Christ' by John E. Remsberg.